About us

Edward Mudd


Edward is a serial entrepreneur with a real passion for changing the world with innovative, bold ideas. In addition to Flagship Builders he is the founder and chairman of Mise en Place, Inc a startup nonprofit dedicated to providing free cooking lessons to Americans to improve health outcomes. He enjoys traveling the world, language learning, cooking and dancing bachata. Edward served in the Army National Guard for 7 years with one deployment to Iraq where he achieved the rank of sergeant. Although this experience was trying he values the lessons learned from it and brings an attention to detail fostered in the military to the business world.

Dennis Kelley

Construction Manager

Dennis served as an electrician in the US navy on a destroyer. After leaving the navy he studied finance and accounting at the university of Baltimore and secured a position at Charm City Builders as finance manager. He then worked as a project manager for a local construction company. He is currently volunteering his free time teaching martial arts to inner city youth through the Agoge Project, a Baltimore nonprofit dedicated to youth development. He is passionate about cooking, history and jiu jitsu. 

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